GIFs that describe how you feel before graduating college

Now that my last semester of college is nearly over, I have been experiencing a large mixture of emotions. Graduation means many things: new beginnings, leaving behind friends and memories, being a “real” person…and generally freaking out about life. Here are some GIFs that describe the emotional roller coaster we all experience before graduation.

At first, you are super excited that the end is near and you will never have to write a paper or pull an all-nighter ever again.


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How to be a good leader (without being “bossy”)

Finally, society’s instinct to call females “bossy” is being questioned, and hopefully stopped. Through a collaboration by Lean In‘s Sheryl Sandberg and the Girl Scouts of America, the new “Ban Bossy” campaign questions why it is that girls and women are always being called “bossy,” a title that can hinder leadership skills, especially in young girls. When society automatically puts this label on a girl that is showing leadership skills, it causes her to back down, instead of teaching her how to effectively be a leader.

As someone who has been called “bossy” numerous times throughout my childhood, I agree with this campaign 100% and wish that someone spoke out about it sooner. Let me take you back through my own childhood experiences, and offer you some advice on being a good leader.

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One Word of Advice: Tenacity

Throughout the semester, I have listened to a few very empowering speeches and presentations. But, after hearing numerous life stories, career paths and pieces of advice, there is one word to sum up what I have learned: tenacity.

Tenacity is a word I never heard before. What did they mean when they said, “You need to have tenacity,” and how was I going to get some? Of course, I did what any millennial would do, and I looked up the word on Google to have a better idea of what all of these speakers were talking about. Continue reading

A look at Week One of my new internship

The first week at my new internship has been very exciting. I had no idea what to expect at first, so I will definitely admit that I was nervous on the first day. I was afraid I would get lost, or that I wouldn’t like it, or be bored; a lot of crazy thoughts were running through my head Sunday night and Monday morning. Luckily, the office is conveniently located only about a 15 minute walk from the ferry (it’s a direct route, even my poor sense of direction couldn’t mislead me), in the financial district. I didn’t know how this area would compare to the hustle and bustle of Columbus Circle that I was used to last semester at my internship with Oprah Magazine in the Hearst Tower. As it turns out, there are a ton of cute little restaurants and eateries around here, too, and it is just as exciting as Columbus Circle (minus a bit of chaos). Continue reading

The last semester

It is hard to believe that I am already in my last semester of college; my family can’t believe it, either. I still remember the day my parents left New York, my mom in tears because her first born was starting college in a new city, a six-hour drive away from my home in Pittsburgh. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, no idea where my college journey would take me. But, almost four years later, I can say that it has been an incredible journey, and that I am ready to start a new journey into the real world in May. Continue reading

The hardest article I ever had to write

As the Co-Editor of my school newspaper, the Wagnerian, I have dealt with many difficult situations. We have to keep on top of deadlines, make sure our editors and writers are doing their share, cover tragedies like Superstorm Sandy, question how to accurately cover controversial topics, make sure there is no bias, and the list goes on and on and on. Big things happen, even on a small campus like Wagner’s, and we find ways to cover them accurately.

But, no story can ever compare to the one I had to write this past week. No tragedy on campus was bigger or more difficult to cover than this one. Never have I ever had such an emotional reaction to what I had to write this past week. But, never have I ever been so proud of the work my staff and I did this past week. Continue reading

Advice wanted: The battle between Windows 8 and iOS

Going into my senior year of college, it has come time to buy a new laptop, and I am faced with the dilemma of what to buy. I purchased an HP laptop before my freshman year along with 2 year accidental damage protection, which I used multiple times, having to get motherboards and hard drives replaced among other problems. As the 2 year mark got closer, the service got worse and worse, and by the time the warranty was over the laptop was basically unusable. It is now sitting in my house, unable to turn on, with little hope. Continue reading

Life back in the U.S.

I’ve been back home for almost two weeks, and what a crazy two weeks it has been! I had a safe trip home, with a layover in Paris (the literally the most expensive airport I have every been to!). I got through U.S. Customs without any problems, and my bottles of wine and wine glasses all made it safely, so I was pretty happy! Continue reading

Really, America?

The events that have occurred over the past two days in America really make me question why I am going back to America. I mean, yes, my program is ending and I already have my ticket booked for Thursday. But beyond that, I really wouldn’t mind staying in Spain and avoiding what’s been going on in the U.S. It is on days like these that I really understand (and agree with) the negative perceptions of America in Europe. There is also, of course, the way Americans often act when they are abroad, but that’s a topic for another day. Continue reading