Are the potentially poisonous letters linked to the Boston Marathon bombs?

CNN recently announced that letters addressed to both Senator Roger Wicker and President Barack Obama tested positive for ricin, a toxin with no known antidote, in preliminary tests. The FBI has stated, however, that preliminary and field tests can be inconsistent, and a full analysis of the letters will be done. The FBI should have results within 24-48 hours.

The letters present a larger threat to America, occurring just one day following the bombs that exploded at the Boston Marathon on Monday. Security was heightened in Boston, Washington, and New York City immediately following the bomb explosions, but now America must take even more precautions to protect Americans.

Whether or not one or both of the letters test positive for ricin, or another type of poison, there is the possibility that the letters are linked to the Boston Marathon bombings, which would further the ideas that the bombings were a terrorist attack from outside of the United States. The two incidents are so close together that it seems only logical that the same person, or group, is behind the planning of both incidents.

And even if they are unrelated, it is in the best interest for everyone that security measures are increased across America, especially in larger cities more likely to be targeted, including Washington, New York City, and Boston.


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