Why is the need for gun control laws still unrecognized by some?

Recent shootings in the past year, including the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut causing the death of 26 young children and teachers at Sandy Hook, caused an increased interested in gun control. But hope for passing an expansion of gun control laws was lost today when none of the proposed amendments passed in the U.S. Senate.

Although each amendment received more than 50 votes, the minimum amount of votes needed for an amendment is 60. A large majority of supporters of the amendments were Democrats, while most Republicans voted against the proposed gun control law expansion.

Obama expressed his reactions to the vote, calling today a “shameful day for Washington.” And, I would have to agree with him.

It is unbelievable to me that our country can experience tragedy, that we can lose so many lives due to gun violence, and there are still people who do not see the need for increased gun control laws. While I do understand that guns are not the only cause for violence, and we do need to reevaluate mental health policies, expanding gun control laws could be the beginning steps of preventing future shootings, and more unnecessary deaths.

What do Americans have to lose? What are the disadvantages of doing a background check on anyone who wishes to own a gun, or adding additional restrictions on guns? What is more important to us as Americans: owning a gun for personal use or the safety of our own family, friends, and children?

Gun control is now another debate between Americans, along with immigration, gay marriage, and many other heated topics in America. We can only hope that these types of issues, that seem so minuscule in a world full of problems, are soon solved in our society.


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