Live imperfectly

Today, I want to ask a simple question to our society. Why are we so obsessed with being perfect?

Perhaps we are not all created that way, and that some of us understand that the inside of a person is more important than the outside; that the content of a book is more important than its cover; that the ideas someone expresses are more important than the medium used to record them.

We live in a world where perfection is beauty and imperfections are ugly. But in reality, we live in a world where no one is perfect. No one can look perfect, walk perfect, talk perfect, or do anything perfect. It is just not possible.

We criticize someone for being imperfect, for being weird, for being different. But if we are all different, and no two people are the same, how can it be so wrong to be different?

Should we not want to embrace or differences? Embrace the diversity we can show off? We cannot all be good at everything. We are right-brained and left-brained. Right-handed and left-handed. Short and tall. Big or little.

America is a big offender of  being too judgemental. We are hypocrites. We forget that we all come from different countries and cultures, that we are all here for the same goal, the same dream.

I wish it upon us all to strive to be imperfect. To be able to focus on living your life and not perfecting it. We are meant to make mistakes and learn from them.

Stop trying to be perfect, and start living.


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