Can the Boston Marathon bombings encourage the passing of the Senate bill for immigration reform?

The recent Boston Marathon bombings sparked interests in immigration reform, a recently controversial topic among Americans since the new Senate bill was proposed.

Since the bombings and the uncovering of the suspects, many have pointed out that the bill will actually help America prevent future acts of terrorism and terrorists living in America because of the background checks that will help to alleviate any immigrants with any criminal or suspicious behaviors.

Being able to eliminate the possibility of terrorists on American soil only helps the argument for immigration reform. The bill has already proposed adding restrictions and various fees for immigrants that can in turn help America and its economy. It can make America safer and keep track of everyone who enters and exits the U.S. with a visa. It can prevent Social Security number misuse and theft. And while many immigrants already pay taxes, the bill would ensure that every immigrant pays the correct amount of taxes owed to the U.S.

The debate for and against immigration reform has been a long standing topic of discussion in the United States. It is not fair to the immigrants in the U.S. that have worked hard to live and work here, but they should instead be able to earn legal citizenship. If the immigration bill is passed in Senate, America would be able to use background checks and more restrictions to get rid of immigrants with questionable activities and motives, and allow other hard working immigrants to earn an education, work, and live in America without fear, and eventually gain full citizenship.

Finally, after several years, America has been able to come up with a proposed bill that works to the advantages of everyone involved. Americans and immigrants alike would be able to feel safer, and the barrier between citizens and immigrants could finally be dissolved and forgotten.

Note: I have always been an advocate for immigration reform. My interest for writing this post sparked when I read an editorial in the NY Times. It can be found here


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