A post written on the plane to Barcelona

I wrote this on the long, nine hour (or more) flight to Barcelona during the time we had to wait to depart.

The flight to Barcelona from Atlanta is starting off with a short delay. But nonetheless, in another 9 hours or so, I will be arriving in Barcelona and will begin my summer journey. Although I am one to rarely get homesick, it is still hard to say good byes to family and friends before a long trip. It really is no different than going away to school in NYC, but it is definitely farther! I don’t think my mom cried when I went to Costa Rica for 12 days in high school, but I do remember her crying when she left me at college for the first time. And without a doubt, there were tears in her eyes when it was time to say good bye at airport security. It was not until that moment that things started to hit me and I knew I really would miss my family for the next 7 weeks.

Even as I sit and wait for the plane to Barcelona to depart, things still feel surreal, and it is hard to believe that I have made it to this point. That when I wake up from a (hopefully) long nap on the plane, I will be somewhere over the ocean, getting ready to land in Barcelona. I am really hoping there is easy access to WiFi. If I don’t keep in constant contact with everyone back home, both them and I might go crazy! Having limited access to my iPhone is a bit scary. My generation, myself included, heavily rely on using a smart phone and/or computer to do pretty much everything: texting, Facebook, getting around, finding places to eat, taking and sharing photos. Our lives are dependent on technology. And while I will have it with m,e it will only work with WiFi, and that is a bit hard to deal with!

Luckily, some apps still work. I downloaded a map as well as the metro system map. I will try to do my best to get around and not get lost! Otherwise, I really am excited and can’t wait to get there! Over an hour delay for the plane so far, unfortunately. Luckily, I have extra time to spare in the morning before we leave the airport. I am also a bit nervous to meet my host family and relying on my Spanish skills. I hope it all goes well. I’m hoping to have a beach day soon! I brought lots of sunscreen. I wouldn’t mind coming back super tan, just not burnt!!!


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