A great weekend…and a great first week!

I can’t believe that it has already been a full week since I arrived in Barcelona! That means I have less than six weeks to spend here, but time isn’t moving by too quickly. I am taking so many photos (both for myself and for my photography class). Every time I see a beautiful building or statue, I immediately take out my camera!

Here is a link to the photos I have taken during week one:
I have more from today, so I will create a Week 2 album soon. I really am enjoying taking photos of everything, and I am glad I can share them with everyone back home in the United States.

I had fun exploring this past weekend. On Saturday, I went out with my Paloma (the mother in my host family) and her friend. We went to lunch and then to the CaixaForum, an art gallery sponsored by the Caixa bank in Barcelona. They wanted to see a new Japanese art exhibit but it is not open until this week. But, we still walked around the building and to some of the free exhibits they have and it was beautiful. Here is a picture of me outside of the top floor, with the National Art Museum of Catalunya in the background. It is so beautiful!


We also walked around a few other places in the area, including a place that has replicas of old parts of Barcelona and Spain. The shops there were beautiful! There is handmade jewelry everywhere I go. I wish I could buy it all!

On Sunday, I visited the chocolate museum and went to the Picasso museum since it is free on Sunday afternoons. I waited in like for an hour, but it was worth it! It was so interested to view Picasso’s work chronologically, including both his sketches, his paintings, his photos, and much more. Not to mention the building the museum is located in is also beautiful and very old. I also enjoyed lunch before waiting in line, as I was waiting for the rain to clear.

I think I had a great first week in Barcelona! I am so excited to see what else is in store for this trip. I am so lucky to be with a great host family and a great program. This Friday, we are visiting Tarragona! Also, the weather is finally supposed to be warm, and I can’t wait to hit the beach!!!


One thought on “A great weekend…and a great first week!

  1. Your pictures are beautful. I can tell you are having a wonderful experience. Can’t wait to hear all the stories. You go girl!! Love Gram


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