Happy summer from Barcelona!

I hope everyone in the States had a great first day of summer. In Barcelona, the summer solstice was technically last night. But, the festival of Sant Joan is how they really begin summer here in Barcelona! Sant Joan is celebrated the night of June 23rd (tonight!). There are a lot of flames and fireworks, as well as a lot of parties on the beach! It is similar to our celebration of the 4th of July. Also, everyone has off from work (and school) on Monday (which is the actual Feast of Sant Joan).  I am hoping to join in on the fun tonight!

I can’t believe I just finished my third week here. Time is flying by so quickly. I am almost to the halfway point of the program. I am, of course, loving everything about Barcelona. I have seen so many new places! Museums, parks, beaches….everything is just so beautiful! I am hoping to make it to Girona and Montserrat before I leave. I am really hoping to do a day trip next weekend!

This past Friday, I visited the Boqueria Market as part of an independent class assignment. It was huge! I visited a market in Madrid before, but this one was even bigger. It had everything you could ever want to buy — fruit, vegetables, spices, fresh seafood (some still living!), meat (every part of the animal – a bit gross), bread, pastries…everything! You could also buy cooked food to eat there at some of the stands and restaurants. I bought a typical Catalan sausage and potatoes, as well as a fruit juice. It was very good, and very inexpensive! After my trip to the market I took a leisurely walk back to the metro. I stopped at a bakery and had a delicious cookie. It was two cookies with caramel in the middle and icing on top…so delicious!

I have been trying a lot of different foods, both at home and in restaurants. Everything is good! I also have a slight obsession with guacamole. Avocados are cheaper here than in the U.S. I can buy a small container of guacamole in the supermarket for less than 2 Euros. It’s less than $3! Although, a lot of people eat it with Doritos here. I finally found plain Doritos (regular tortilla chips without cheese). They both taste good, though!

Here is the link to my latest album: https://plus.google.com/photos/110518080593831907848/albums/5892634782173184529

And here are some recent photos!



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