Two weeks left in Barcelona

Yesterday marked one month since I have arrived in Barcelona, and today is only two weeks away from the day I leave. It is hard to believe that time has flown by so quickly. Classes are getting close to final projects and final exams. And, while I am looking forward to returning back home, it is a very bittersweet feeling. I have enjoyed it here, and there is still so much to see. I have plans to visit the Sagrada  Familia this Saturday, and to go to Girona next Friday. Tomorrow, we are visiting Figueres to see the Dali museum and are visiting Cadaques, which is a part of Costa Brava. I can’t wait to go to the beach. The weather is finally warming up. It hasn’t been hot since our trip to Tarragona (which is south of Barcelona), so I’m hoping the water is warm tomorrow. I haven’t swam in the Barcelona beaches since they are so crowded and it has been so cold. It’s also a bit alarming because there have been jellyfish sightings (I also spotted one, floating near some boats, not sure if it was dead or alive!) and also because you have to be very careful of having things stolen.

I have been enjoying the sales in Barcelona, which started on July 1 and last the entire month. There are two periods of sales in Spain. The first is after Three Kings Day in January (which I got to experience in Madrid in 2012) and the second is July (which I am currently enjoying in Barcelona). How lucky am I? I do, of course, need to be careful of spending too much money because I still need to buy a few things for my family. I did buy a few shirts and some jewelry so far! Early birthday gifts to myself, right?!

Last Friday, our class had a day trip to visit cava wineries. It was really interesting to learn exactly how cava is made and how it is different in Spain. We even got to try some cava and I surprising liked it very much (I’m not one for bubbly drinks). I bought two bottles, one to enjoy here and one to take home to my family, from the local winery. It was around 5 Euros for a bottle! That is very inexpensive!

I hope everyone in the U.S.A. is enjoying their Fourth of July holiday and extended weekend. I am missing home today, but I ate a cheeseburger to feel a bit American! I think freedom is something we take for granted in America. Spain didn’t gain it’s “freedom” until after the Franco dictatorship. In addition, Barcelona is a part of Catalunya, and they are still wanting their independence from Spain. Being able to celebrate Sant Joan in Barcelona back at the end of June was a great experience. While it was fun to dance all night on the beach and meet both locals and others my age from all over the world, it was also very interesting to attend a traditional ceremony and hear some of the history (which I had to try to understand in mostly Catalan).

Happy Fourth, everyone! Have a great weekend!

IMG_0820 IMG_0815IMG_0831


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