Advice wanted: The battle between Windows 8 and iOS

Going into my senior year of college, it has come time to buy a new laptop, and I am faced with the dilemma of what to buy. I purchased an HP laptop before my freshman year along with 2 year accidental damage protection, which I used multiple times, having to get motherboards and hard drives replaced among other problems. As the 2 year mark got closer, the service got worse and worse, and by the time the warranty was over the laptop was basically unusable. It is now sitting in my house, unable to turn on, with little hope.

But, to be fair, I overworked it, and although I am technologically savvy, technology just doesn’t seem to last very long. So here I am, a broke college student, using my mother’s old Gateway laptop, stressing over what to buy considering the new semester starts in less than three weeks.

I am gullible to advertising and have considered buying one of those nifty new convertible Windows 8 laptops. A laptop and a tablet all in one, what more could I need as a student always on the run? I looked into the Lenovo Yoga, and the newer models are far better than the original models they released at first. My problem is the smaller screen size (about 11 inches) and also the fact that there is no Ethernet port. My campus WiFi is far from reliable and is very outdated, so no Ethernet is a big problem for a laptop (for some reason, tablets seem to get a better, but still somewhat unreliable, signal).

The real question becomes Windows 8 or a Mac. I have always been a Windows user, so it is hard to switch. But if you ask a Mac user, of course they are going to suggest a Mac. I have an iPhone, which I love, and I am also considering buying an iPad, but a Mac laptop is completely different. I am keeping in mind, of course, that there is the real world after college in which I hope to be working in, and the journalism field that I see myself working in may be more Mac-user friendly. But I am sure there are still PC users with no problems.

Because Windows 8 is new and much different from Windows 7, it is hard to really know if I will like using it or not. A touchscreen laptop is also a possibility (and not much more expensive) but am I really going to use a touchscreen on a laptop? I really want one of those cool detachable laptop convertibles, but how reliable is a machine that breaks into two pieces?

If there is anyone is this world that can offer some reviews or comparisons of Windows 8 and Macs, I would appreciate your help. My biggest problem with Macs is the cost. I spent most of my savings to go to Barcelona (which I do not regret in any way) and am on a low budget. But, if it truly is worth the investment, I would consider a Macbook Air (the more portable, the better).


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