The last semester

It is hard to believe that I am already in my last semester of college; my family can’t believe it, either. I still remember the day my parents left New York, my mom in tears because her first born was starting college in a new city, a six-hour drive away from my home in Pittsburgh. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, no idea where my college journey would take me. But, almost four years later, I can say that it has been an incredible journey, and that I am ready to start a new journey into the real world in May.

I have been fortunate to experience many different opportunities and internships during the past few years. I have really been able to explore my many interests, gaining experience at internships at a local newspaper, an online nonprofit organization, the Girl Scouts of Staten Island, Oprah Magazine online, and a new nonprofit fighting for female equality. I have grasped new ideas and skills relating to journalism, public relations, social media, photography, and communications through these internships and other learning experiences.

I started off as an English major with minors in Spanish and journalism. I later switched to a Spanish major with minors in English and journalism, really focusing on being proficient in Spanish and gaining experience in journalism and writing. I have traveled to Madrid and studied abroad for a summer in Barcelona; being able to experience Spanish culture and see art up close has changed my perspective and has allowed me to appreciate and understand things so much more.
This semester, I will be taking on another internship, once again trying out something different. I will be interning with Century 21 stores in their communications department. I am thrilled to be trying something new, and it is a big commitment for me, working three full days a week. In addition to my internship which starts in late February, I will be focusing on Spanish and writing my Spanish thesis.
My last semester is not going to be all fun and games, but I know I will enjoy every minute of learning new things and that the hard work will soon pay off. I am continuously looking into job opportunities for after graduation in a variety of different fields, including public relations, journalism, and communications, and in a variety of cities. New York City is, of course, on the list, as well as Pittsburgh, Barcelona, and Madrid…not that I am restricted my search to only these cities! I would love to live abroad for a year, if possible, or find a job that allows me to do some traveling. I don’t expect to find anything right after college, but I will always be on the lookout for the opportunity. I am hoping that the final leg of this journey continues to be successful, and I am extremely excited (and scared) for the next part of my life.


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