GIFs that describe how you feel before graduating college

Now that my last semester of college is nearly over, I have been experiencing a large mixture of emotions. Graduation means many things: new beginnings, leaving behind friends and memories, being a “real” person…and generally freaking out about life. Here are some GIFs that describe the emotional roller coaster we all experience before graduation.

At first, you are super excited that the end is near and you will never have to write a paper or pull an all-nighter ever again.


But then you realize you will never get to drink or party as much as you did in college ever again.rhianna

You look forward to getting a real job, and can’t wait to be rich and buy everything you want.happy

But not until after all of your student debt is paid off (maybe in 15 years…maybe).

You realize you may have to move back in with your parents for a

Because you’re sick of your parents asking you when you’ll get a job.

Meanwhile, you are tired and exhausted and just want school to end.

But you yell at anyone who mentions anything about graduating. Because inside, you really don’t want to grow up.

And because we all know that after graduation, college drinking habits are frowned upon.alcohol

But in the end, everything will work out okay.
lion king

Good luck in the real world, guys.


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