Mother’s Day – Have you thanked your mom today?

To all of the mothers out there: We (your children) don’t thank you enough for the things you do. We take every little thing you do for granted, and we forget our thank yous, and we expect too much of you. While Mother’s Day is yet another “Hallmark” holiday, it is a necessary one, but we shouldn’t only dedicate one day of the year to our mothers, and the hard work they do.

Being a mother in present day is completely different than being a mother in the past. Mothers now have to not only care and be there for their children at any moment, but they have to balance being a mother and having a career. While stay at home mothers are still common, the “normal” household has many variations nowadays. There are not only stay at home mothers, but also stay at home fathers. There are single parents and divorced parents. There are parents that hire nannies and babysitters and parents that divide childcare responsibilities. There is no perfect mother or parent because, in the end, they make it work and they do what is best for their child.

No matter if a mother works full-time or stays at home full-time, she is always there for her child and should be thanked for her hard work. It is not an easy job being a mother, and a mother’s work should not go unrecognized. If you haven’t thanked your mom recently for all that she has done for her, why don’t you take five minutes out of your day to call her and give her your thanks? Not just today, but any day of the year. Knowing that you’re grateful will make your mother smile. It’s the least you can do for everything she’s put up with!


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