A summer in Staten Island

After graduating from Wagner College on May 23, I was back two weeks later to spend my summer in Staten Island. Throughout my final weeks in college, I was constantly worrying what my plan was once I graduated. At the time of graduation, I had two possibilities: work for the Fresh Air Fund, or work at the Staten Island Advance, the local newspaper. I actually came back to Staten Island early so that I could interview for the position at the Advance. The position was relatively new, and they had recently divided into two sections: web/content and print/design. They needed an intern to learn the new system and help out with designing news pages. The position came natural to me, since I was used to designing my school newspaper, The Wagnerian.

I ended up taking the internship at the Advance since it was within my desired career field, though the summer position with The Fresh Air Fund was still an amazing opportunity. I began interning full-time at the Advance immediately, and learned the new system quickly. Over the next few weeks, I was absorbing so much information and really learning how to not only be a great designer, but also a great journalist.

I look forward to seeing what this summer will bring me, and what opportunities arise this fall. One thing is for sure…It’s nerve-racking to be a college graduate. Even with a secure internship (paying minimum wage), I’m always wondering what’s next and if I will be able to afford living in New York City, and my student loans when they begin. But it’s also exciting, and I am so glad to be able to spend my summer in Staten Island!


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