Revisiting who I am, and why I’m blogging

I decided to enroll in two free, online blogging courses in hopes of some inspiration and motivation to blog again. I didn’t pick the best timing since I got a new apartment in January and haven’t figured out WiFi yet…but, I figured I’d still take a shot at it. The first topic is to introduce myself to the world. I have been blogging for about two years, so this isn’t my first introduction on my blog, but rather me revisiting who I am and why I decided to blog in the first place.

I’ve changed a lot since I started this blog. Prior to starting this blog, I only used Tumblr, and though I wanted to write and share my thoughts with the online world, it was intimidating at first. I was a very shy person and didn’t know how to express myself. Though I always loved writing, it wasn’t until I found out I would be studying abroad in Barcelona for the summer before my senior year of college that I started this blog. I wanted to document the experiences before and during my trip. I wanted to also share my opinions and ideas with others. Being abroad opened my mind to many new ideas and cultures and I loved having a place to share my thoughts, as well as my many photographs!

My blog continued on to document my senior year of college – a time of transition and new beginnings, and also leaving behind old friends and peers. I wrote about internship experiences, exciting topics in my classes, and also my views on current events in the news. I enjoy looking back now on my thoughts during this exciting yet difficult time in my life. I was scared…what would happen after graduation? Where would I work? Would I ever see my New York boyfriend again? Will I live in New York or move home to Pittsburgh? Things eventually worked themselves out, but not knowing the future while trying to focus on classes and an internship and maintaining a social life was not easy!

So, what am I doing now? I am back in Pittsburgh with a new job working for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette as a copy editor and page designer. I landed a job here after completing a six-month long internship (paid, but not enough to live on) at the Staten Island Advance. Within those six months, I learned as much as I could about newspapers and page design. I had little extra money and ended up moving in with my boyfriend’s family after my free summer housing ended at school. But also by the end of those six months, my boyfriend and I decided to look into moving together back to my hometown. We were thinking spring but things happened quickly and we moved in with my parents before the holidays and I landed my new job a few days later.

I love my new job, and I love being back in Pittsburgh. I miss New York, a lot, but with my boyfriend’s family still there we are able to visit. I am happy where I am now, and being close to my family has made a huge difference.

What else do I love? Reading news. Coffee and tea. Writing. Skimming social media. Baking sweets. Cooking and trying new recipes. Nail polish. Finding new hair products for my unruly, curly hair. Just walking around in downtown Pittsburgh or New York City. Travel. Shopping.

That’s just a bit of background on me and how I got to where I am now! I hope to continue blogging and sharing my experiences at my new job, my Pittsburgh adventures, and my opinions on current news topics.



3 thoughts on “Revisiting who I am, and why I’m blogging

  1. What a wonderful cheery blog! I feel like I know you a bit and we have something in common, hair products and curly unruly hair! Keep up the sunshine you project. 🙂 Welcome to blogging101


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