Spring is in the air!

Which, of course, means that summer is right around the corner. Other than being excited for warm, sunny weather, I am also ready for some spring resolutions to help me transition into the summer. I have been thinking a lot lately about small areas for improvement in both my professional and personal life, so I decided to come up with some spring resolutions! Here’s what I came up with.

Personal resolutions:IMG_0005

  • Get healthier. We’d all like to lose a few pounds, especially before summer comes, but just taking small steps to being healthier is important to me. Passing on flavored coffee at Dunkin Donuts in the morning, eating more vegetables, drinking more water, and walking more are some things I’ve been working on so far.
  • Calm down. I was always someone who stressed over the littlest things. I’ve slowly improved, but I still tend to freak out suddenly sometimes. I need to pause and take a deep breath instead of getting upset over something too quickly.
  • Keep writing. I am currently having a hard time updating my blog since I don’t have WiFi at my apartment yet. But, I am striving to keep writing and keep track of ideas to write about. I also will be contributing to Take The Lead Women in the upcoming weeks. I was their blog editor for some time in college. I am excited to continue working with them and to share my writing on their blog.
  • Save money, and spend wisely. It’s hard to save money when you’re young and trying to enjoy life and spend time with family/friends while also paying bills and student loans. I’m trying to go out less, resist temptation, and start saving.

Professional resolutions:

  • Network! Although I have a great new job, it’s important to continue making new connections that could lead to new opportunities. I think it’s important to meet other people within my field and to find new ways to collaborate with others. I’m excited my company is hosting a conference this weekend that I will be able to volunteer at and attend for free.
  • Work slowly and carefully. Since starting my new job, I realized that I always seem to rush, causing me to make silly errors that are 100% avoidable if I would just take more time to read something more thoroughly.

Enjoy the sunshine and think of your own spring resolutions for a happier, healthier spring and summer!


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