Motivation, routine, and a new work space!

In the past few weeks, there have been a lot of changes going on in mcheersy life, all of them positive! This week, my office moved to a brand new building in the city’s North Shore and, while the area is still developing and we are greatly missing our coffee shops and favorite places to eat, the change is for the better. The old newspaper building was far too large for the size of the staff, which has been rapidly condensing since news became available online. The presses left first, along with a few other departments, and this week the rest of the staff is following suit and slowly unpacking in our new digs.

This change is one of several…I recently decided to join a gym (conveniently located near our old building, but only one stop away from the new building!) and have been making a lot of healthier choices. Next year, I will be attending four (yes, FOUR!) weddings, including one I will be in, and decided I needed to stop making excuses and start making progress. It’s not easy. Despite my knowledge of good foods vs. bad foods and general exercise methods, I still have a lot to learn. Training my body to go to the gym 3-4 times a week is not easy! And eating the right foods to fuel my body to work out is another big challenge I’ve been having.

I’ve been focusing on getting into a routine, including having planned days to work out, going to the exercise classes I want to attend, and meal planning/prepping. It’s not an easy task, but I’m slowly training my body and my mind and really focusing on being healthier and losing weight. Once I have a routine down and get familiar with the gym and exercising, I can incorporate new exercises into my workouts. I also want to expand my food palate and try out new recipes. (Getting a ton of free cookbooks before the move at work was also really helpful!)

Lastly, I’m focusing on my overall mental health and happiness, and also learning to budget and save money. This is something I have always struggled with. I would really love to afford a car (and the expenses that come with it) by the end of the year. But, first, my boyfriend and I are working to pay off some credit card debt that we have accumulated (out of stupidity, to be honest) and to manage our money better than before. I haven’t gone actual shopping in a long time, and now I want to lose weight and save up to shop AFTER I am closer to my goal weight. That is another big motivator!

Since starting my new job and getting my apartment in January, I have slowly made changes in my life. I am approaching my six-month anniversary with my job and am so fortunate that things are going well in my life. I am SO EXCITED to celebrate my birthday next week with all of my friends and family. Cheers to being happy and healthy!


8 thoughts on “Motivation, routine, and a new work space!

  1. Congratulations on your new job! I am also trying to focus on my health and happiness and getting a routine down. Check out my blog to hear about my recent struggles as a post-grad with no job so far.


    • Thanks! I also studied abroad in Spain, it looks like you had a lot of great adventures! Don’t stress too much about the job, it takes time. Most of my fellow friends and college grads still haven’t found jobs in their field. Focus on being happy and healthy and work at whatever job you can find for the time being!

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      • I studied in Barcelona for a summer, it was a great experience! I have photos and posts on my blog, they would be under the summer of 2013. What fields are you looking for jobs in?


      • Nice, I’ll check those out! I loved Barcelona when I visited there (I was in Seville). I was an Advertising and Public Relations major, and I’ve had internships doing social media so I’m looking for something related to those fields.


      • I know some friends who found online internships for social media/online websites (some paid!) that helped them to start off, it’s something that can easily be done while working another job. Look in a variety of fields, don’t limit yourself! You never know when your skills will be useful.


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