A busy October!

OctoberWe’re a week into October, which is one of my favorite months of the year (in my favorite season of the year!) and a lot is happening in my life! Aside from plenty of fall festivities and trying out new pumpkin recipes, I’ve added more to my plate, figuratively speaking! While I love my free time during the day since I work evenings at the newspaper, I was looking for some fun, meaningful ways to add more to my schedule. At first, I joined a gym, and as much as I love working out, I’m still bored. I need to do more with my creative side than just trying recipes and writing on my blog once a month (though I really am trying to write more on here!)

The perfect opportunity arose recently while I was skimming through some online writing internships. My friend suggested the idea, since she recently started an “intern” position with a new company. And yes, even though we are in our second year out of college, we can still be interns! Not only was she able to contribute her ideas to a new company and use her creativity, she was also getting paid for it. So, I decided to do some searching and after applying for positions that interested me and getting emails for positions that didn’t interest me, I finally got an interview. I landed an online writing internship for the health and fitness website Skinny Ms where I will be able to get my creative juices flowing and contribute to their website. What a great way to keep up with the latest health trends and hopefully get some recipe ideas! I’m really excited to write for this amazing site.

And, if that isn’t enough to add to my plate, I also decided to work a few days a week at the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum. I’ve always loved working with kids and helping others and I thought this would be a great use of my time. My boyfriend and I are also saving for a trip to Mexico and this is a great way to save up my money (and, eventually, buy a car as well).

Little by little, I feel like I am becoming a real adult. Of course, I am an adult (duh). I’m 23 with a full-time job and my own health insurance. I cook myself meals and clean and decorate the apartment I share with my boyfriend, that we share the rent for. Yesterday, we finally (after over 8 months of moving in) got WiFi and basic cable in our apartment. It’s the little things that gradually build up and make you realize adult life isn’t so bad. It’s funny, when you’re young and naïve and can’t wait to grow up and have your own place. Even in college, doing tons of internships, I couldn’t wait to get a full-time job and live on my own. But, sometimes I miss college with the free gym, the unlimited dining hall food, and of course, the people. An adult life can be lonely. Your friends and family all have completely different schedules and you can’t just show up to their place and hang out like you could in college. You also can’t take “mental health days” (really, miss class to catch up on homework and be lazy days) in real life. But you don’t have to worry. In the end, it all works out and you master being an adult step by step, and you start to enjoy your new, adult life.

Have fun, take a break, try a new recipe, treat yourself to dinner, paint your nails, go shopping, do little things that make you happy. If you’re bored with how things are going, take charge and change up your schedule! Volunteer for a cause you enjoy or try a new hobby or fitness class. Whatever you do, enjoy your life, and be proud of yourself!


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