Where did the time go!?

This year has flown by and I can’t believe that we are less than one week away from 2016. The holidays were here and gone before I knew it. Unfortunately, I had to work Thanksgiving and Christmas this year (just a part of working at a newspaper I suppose), but I am still fortunate that I was able to spend time with my family and my boyfriend Cesar.

The weather has been crazy lately here in Pittsburgh. Only one dusting of snow so far and the temperatures were too warm to snow tube during our annual pre-Christmas family weekend in Seven Springs. It was hard to get into the holiday spirit without cold weather or snow but luckily I started my shopping early and finished with time to spare!

I have already have some big goals in mind for 2016, but I also accomplished a lot in 2015. In 2015, I had a lot of “firsts.” In January, I started my first real job at the Post-Gazette, and moved into my first apartment with my boyfriend. I am looking forward to another first in 2016: My first car! It’s definitely on the top of my list. But I have some other, smaller, goals until I reach that point including getting my license (living in NYC for 4 1/2 years didn’t help!), saving up money, and working on my credit score. I started working at a second job to help pay off some debts, and the extra money is helpful even though I only work a few shifts. It’s also a fun environment and I enjoy working with my co-workers at the Children’s Museum.

Cesar and I also have some other things we are saving up for. We really need a new mattress/box-spring (ours is broken) and we want to go on a week-long trip to New York and Atlantic City and see a Copa America game! Also, we want to save for a bigger vacation in 2017 – possibly a trip to Mexico with some of Cesar’s family! It’s also a county on my travel bucket list, but because he has family there I have a feeling it will be a country I’ll be visiting often 🙂

We are also re-starting our health goals next year, along with other members of my family. Having FOUR weddings to attend next year is a big motivator for all of us. The first one is at the end of February but the second one isn’t until June so we are hoping to all lose weight by then! I temporarily paused my gym membership when I was adjusting to two jobs and then balancing getting ready for the holidays didn’t make matters any better. But I am sticking to two shifts a week at the museum so I can visit the gym at least 3 times/week including going back to my favorite Tuesday back-to-back gym classes. Hopefully I get back into a routine quickly and easily! We’re looking forward to trying some new recipes!

Over the next few days I am hoping to figure out a typical schedule and routine for myself and will start researching new recipes and workouts, as well as re-organizing my closet and workout clothes. I also am trying out a new skincare routine and some new face products, including a mixture of products from Garnier, Julep and Clinique! I also hope to use more of the nail polish I’ve been stocking up on the past few years and keep my nails looking clean and polished. A fresh manicure always gives me a boost of confidence and completes any outfit.

Enjoy your remaining days in 2015 and cheers to your 2016 goals!

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