Twas the night before election night…


I won’t be the one to lecture you about which candidate to vote for. At this point in the game, you know exactly who you’re voting for, or whether you’re deciding to vote at all. I know our voting system isn’t perfect, but don’t let it discourage you. Take the time this election day to cast your vote for the candidate that YOU choose…the candidate that best aligns with your values and what you believe in.

If you are hesitant to place a vote, or to even start thinking about the election right now, I get it. This election has been a whirlwind of craziness and many times I had no idea what to believe. The scandal and gossip surrounding the candidates along with the shady media coverage has been too much to handle and wrap my mind around. The worst part of it all is that I, myself, work at a newspaper and I have read all the election stories out there with a very unbiased mindset. Our newspaper, in fact, has kept the playing field extremely event and unbiased, despite backlash about “uneven” news coverage.

I, of course, have my own opinions and have decided who I will cast my vote for Tuesday. This is my first in-person ballot for a presidential election (my first in-person ballot was last year, but my previous ballots were absentee since I was in NYC for college and at the start of my career). I am very glad and optimistic that I will be able to vote for a female candidate, for the first time in history. It really shows the progress that we have made in America, and of course it comes at a great time as President Obama concludes his second term, as the first African-American president.

As a millennial, I had mixed emotions during the primary season. I felt my views and values were closer aligned to Bernie Sanders, but at the same time I still felt like I supported Hillary Clinton. I believed that both candidates would be a good representative for the Democratic party. Alas, Sanders did not get the nomination, and I continued my support for both Hillary Clinton, and the Democratic party as a whole.

After everything, I’m ready for this election season to be over!! I’m ready for the endless Facebook posts and comments to end. It is crazy to me how so many people can turn against one another just because they have different opinions and beliefs. No matter who you support in this election should not affect your friendships and your relationships with family members. It’s okay to agree to disagree about politics! Sometimes, it’s best to stay clear of talking politics at all.

Whatever you do, remember to VOTE on Tuesday and to also check out the various perks and offers in your city, including FREE coffee at 7-11 and donuts at Krispy Kreme. Enjoy!





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