Senior year chaos

The end is near. I can see it now, graduation day, only a month away. But the distance in time between now and then feels like forever.

I often feel an overwhelming feeling of panic and anxiety. The number of papers and assignments to complete before graduation feels unreal and everything is creeping up on me. I just want it all to be over…to be able to feel a sense of relief and excitement to finally graduate and be finished with college.  Continue reading

The hardest article I ever had to write

As the Co-Editor of my school newspaper, the Wagnerian, I have dealt with many difficult situations. We have to keep on top of deadlines, make sure our editors and writers are doing their share, cover tragedies like Superstorm Sandy, question how to accurately cover controversial topics, make sure there is no bias, and the list goes on and on and on. Big things happen, even on a small campus like Wagner’s, and we find ways to cover them accurately.

But, no story can ever compare to the one I had to write this past week. No tragedy on campus was bigger or more difficult to cover than this one. Never have I ever had such an emotional reaction to what I had to write this past week. But, never have I ever been so proud of the work my staff and I did this past week. Continue reading