College Portfolio

The Wagnerian Newspaper

Sept. 5, 2013: Special issue celebrating the life of a popular student on campus; his death was ruled a suicide. I wrote a news story describing the details of his death, which was very difficult. Everyone on campus was in shock, but the campus came together and many recounted memories of Justin.

Justin 1    Justin 2  Justin 3  Justin 4

April 25, 2013: Special pullout section to cover two big on-campus events, Songfest and Wagnerstock, which happened two weekends back-to-back. I also wrote an editorial piece about Songfest changes; the best event of the year was declining due to poor organization.

Special Pullout 1  Special Pullout 2  Special Pullout 3  Special Pullout 4

Additional front pages that I designed during my time as co-editor

March 13 2014 Cover     Nov 14 2013 Cover     Nov 20 2012 Cover

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