A $15 minimum wage? Not so fast

Supporters for a $15 minimum wage in the U.S. are on the rise, and it has been a big issue debated between Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. She recently switched her stance on the issue, supporting the … Continue reading

Wearing jeans on Denim Day: Do you know the history?


Did you wear jeans today? Did you wear them to support Denim Day?

If so, do you know the history behind Denim Day?

The idea began in 1997 when an 18-year-old girl was raped in Rome. Although her rapist threatened to kill her if she told anyone, she confided in her parents and they agreed to help their daughter press charges. Although her rapist was convicted and sentenced, the Italian Supreme Court overturned the decision. Why? Because the victim of the rape wore tight jeans. Even though the victim was raped and did not consent, they claimed she must have helped the rapist remove the tight jeans, and the act was therefore consensual. Continue reading