Life back in the U.S.

I’ve been back home for almost two weeks, and what a crazy two weeks it has been! I had a safe trip home, with a layover in Paris (the literally the most expensive airport I have every been to!). I got through U.S. Customs without any problems, and my bottles of wine and wine glasses all made it safely, so I was pretty happy! Continue reading

Happy summer from Barcelona!

I hope everyone in the States had a great first day of summer. In Barcelona, the summer solstice was technically last night. But, the festival of Sant Joan is how they really begin summer here in Barcelona! Sant Joan is celebrated the night of June 23rd (tonight!). There are a lot of flames and fireworks, as well as a lot of parties on the beach! It is similar to our celebration of the 4th of July. Also, everyone has off from work (and school) on Monday (which is the actual Feast of Sant Joan).  I am hoping to join in on the fun tonight! Continue reading

A great weekend…and a great first week!

I can’t believe that it has already been a full week since I arrived in Barcelona! That means I have less than six weeks to spend here, but time isn’t moving by too quickly. I am taking so many photos (both for myself and for my photography class). Every time I see a beautiful building or statue, I immediately take out my camera!

Here is a link to the photos I have taken during week one:
I have more from today, so I will create a Week 2 album soon. I really am enjoying taking photos of everything, and I am glad I can share them with everyone back home in the United States. Continue reading

Happy May!

I think we can finally agree that spring is here. College students are finishing classes and finals and are looking forward to summer. Seniors are glad to be graduating, but are afraid of what the real world holds for them.

In addition to finishing with classes and finals (only two weeks until I go home!), I am also busy getting ready for my trip to Barcelona. With only a month left to prepare, I am definitely getting nervous! Continue reading