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So far, I have traveled to three countries, including Canada, Costa Rica, and Spain.

I just got back from spending 7 weeks in Barcelona for a study abroad program through Arcadia University. I was able to stay with a host family, take classes, and take in the culture. I learned about the history of Barcelona and Catalunya, and how Catalunya differs from Spain. I took part in many cultural activities and holidays, including Sant Joan. The memories and experiences will last  forever.

All of my photos from Barcelona can be found on my Google+ page.

I visited Madrid in January of 2012 with a group from my college for eight days. I enjoyed visiting musuems, restaurants, and learning about the culture of Madrid. We even got to see the Three Kings Day parade. For photos, see these albums:

My trip to Costa Rica was during my senior year of high school. The two week long service learning trip combined visits to the capital of San Jose, the poor suburb of La Carpio, a rain forest along the Panama border, and a beach along the Caribbean. It was one of the best experiences of my life, as we got to interview multiple different people, and got to stay and work alongside an indigenous tribe in the rain forest. To see a blog of photos and entries from students on the trip, see below:

I hope to be able to continue to travel and visit more places in the world!



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